We are happy to share Incorporating Laser Dentistry into Your Practice with Dr. Ana Cecilia Aranha. This course was recorded with our global partner, Asia Ultradent. 

This presentation will describe laser interaction with tissue and the choice of the wavelength based on the absorption of the tissue. Also, basic understanding on soft-tissue diode laser usage, its application and advantages are presented.


Course objectives

  • Introduce knowledge of the various applications of low and high-power lasers in dentistry
  • Update the theoretical knowledge, showing the advantages and benefits of using this technology in day-to-day clinical care
  • Provide basic information on the mechanisms of action and interaction with different tissues
  • Indications will be presented

Published May 1, 2020.

Review completed January 31, 2024. Credit valid for three (3) years from review date.

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Dr. Ana Cecilia Aranha

Dr. Ana Cecilia Aranha has received a PhD in Dentistry from the University of Sao Paulo/scientific internship at the University of Aachen (Germany) and a master’s degree in Dental Clinic from the State University of Campinas FOP/UNICAMP. She is an associate professor at the Department of Dentistry at University of Sao Paulo FOUSP and a coordinator at the Special Laser Laboratory in Dentistry (LELO). She also coordinates the laser courses at LELO-FOUSP/ffo-Fundecto. She has published 95 manuscripts in national and international scientific journals, and has authored two books and 15 book chapters. She has received 18 awards and honorable mentions.